Product name: Inidacaterol

Cas NO.: 312753-06-3

M.F: C24H28N2O3

M.W.: 392.49

Capacity: 80KG/M

Usage: Other APIS


■ Description

GeneralIndcaterol is a long-acting β2-adrenoceptor agonist indicated for the maintenance treatment of adults with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Clinical trials have shown that indacatrol has clear advantages in relieving dyspnea and improving quality of life, and that COPD patients treated with indacterol are more likely to achieve clinically meaningful improvements and  Indecaterol also has a clear advantage in reducing acute drug use. In addition, indaaterol has a good safety profile and tolerability, and the results suggest that endacaterol, as one of only two long-acting bronchodilators available to be only inhaled once daily, is significantly better to other drugs in improving symptoms in patients with COPD.


Product introduceIndcaterol acts as a bronchodilator locally in the lung after inhalation. Although β2- adrenoceptor is the main adrenoceptor in bronchial smooth muscle and β1- adrenoceptor is the main adrenoceptor in heart, β2- adrenoceptor also exists in human heart, acco

unting for 10% ~ 50% of all adrenoceptors.At present, many studies have confirmed that the once-a-day long-acting dilator Indcaterol (IND) can also take effect quickly within 5 minutes, effectively improving the lung function and dyspnea symptoms of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.


FunctionInedacaterol is a long-acting β 2- adrenoceptor agonist, and its indication is maintenance therapy for adult patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


OriginAnrun (Inedacaterol), in which Anrun is a trade name, is a drug produced by Novartis Pharmaceuticals for treating COPD. It is the first inhaled long-acting β2 receptor agonist (LABA) approved by SFDA in China for maintenance treatment of patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).Clinical experiments show that compared with LAMA, Iendacaterol has the same improvement in lung function, and can significantly improve lung function, dyspnea and quality of life. As a new generation of LABA, indat robby can effectively improve the lung function (FEV1, forced expiratory volume in the first second) and dyspnea of patients. It takes effect quickly in 5 minutes and lasts for 24 hours.


The 12-week experiment proved that the bronchodilator effect of indane Dutrow was obviously stronger. Indone Dutrow is obviously superior to in relieving dyspnea and improving quality of life, and patients with COPD treated with Indacatero are more likely to get clinical improvement.In terms of reducing the use of acute drugs,Indacatero also has obvious advantages. The number of days that patients who use Indacatero need to use emergency drugs each year is 17.5 days less than those who use.


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