We have a common future.

 Create a better tomorrow with the right chemistry, achieve sustainable growth with sustainable development, build sustainable projects, protect the ecological environment, respect local culture, and join hands with community groups to promote economic and social development.


We care for the planet as much as ourselves.

Our goal is to minimize the environmental impact of our activities and products through effective usage of natural resources, continuous monitoring and precaution any measures. strictly follow the requirements of the international environment all management system, rationally design factories,workshops, and pipelines to minimize waste generation, and safely dispose of solid waste, liquid waste and gas waste. through environmental protection training, regular monitoring, vegetation greening,etc., we will strengthen environmental protection and promote the construction of ecological civilization.


The health and safety of our employees is our responsibility.

We always offer health monitor for our employees, including regular physical examinations and special health checks for employees working in hazardous areas. We also hold many lectures related to health, environment, first aid, etc., so as to improve employees' risk and health awareness.


Health and happiness are aour greatest investments.

We create a safe and secure workplace. Workshop, equipment, production etc. meet the highest safety standards. The factory has established a management system that complies with the ISO 9001 standard. We also regularly audit equipment, systems and processes to assess possible risks.

Jinan Million Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd will strictly follow the legal requirements on the environment, health and safety related to operations and personnel. We will minimize safety accidents and environmental impacts based on the sustainable development policy, to be a better manufacturer and supplier of pharmaceutical APIs and intermediates.

Certifications and Awards ISO 9001:2015