Product name: Repotrectinib/TPX-0005

Cas NO.: 1802220-02-5

M.F: C18H18FN5O2

M.W.: 355.37


Usage: Cancer/tumor/ lung cancer


■ Description

Million focuses on the new drug Repotrectinib (TPX-0005). TPX 0005 is a rationally designed, low-molecular-weight, macrocyclic TKI that is selective and highly potent against ROS1, TRKA–C, and ALK. Most importantly, repotrectinib exhibits activity against a variety of solvent-front substitutions in vitro and in vivo. Repotrectinib achieved confirmed responses in patients with ROS1 or NTRK3 fusion–positive cancers who had relapsed on earlier-generation TKIs due to ROS1 or TRKC solvent-front substitution-mediated resistance.


Bristol Myers Squibb (NYSE:BMY) and Turning Point Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:TPTX) have a definitive merger agreement under which Bristol Myers Squibb will acquire Turning Point Therapeutics for $76.00 per share which is quite hight. BMS has seen the big potential of Repotrectinib, so as Jinan Million Pharm. We already r & D and make it commercial production. Once FDA approved it, Jinan Million will have stock of tpx 0005 api powder in stock and ready shipment. We will be the first manufacturer and factory of Repotrectinib.

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■ Message