Product name: AOH1996

CAS No.: 2089314-64-5

MF: C26H22N2O4

M.W.: 426.46

Capacity: 100KG/M 

Usage:  Cancer/tumor


■ Description

Product introduce:AOH1996 is a proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) inhibitor. AOH1996 enhances PCNA and RPB1 interaction and interferes with TRC resolution and induces DNA double-stranded breaks in a transcription dependent manner. AOH1996 almost completely inhibits the growth of xenograft tumors without causing any discernible toxicity to experimental animals.AOH1996 has superior metabolic stability as compared to the AOH1160 parent molecule. 

FunctionAOH1996 is a PCNA-targeting small molecule inhibitor that induces DNA double-strand breaks in cancer cells Chemicalbook in a transcription-dependent manner by interfering with the cellular mechanism of repairing the TRC and prevents cells with damaged DNA from dividing in the G2/M cell cycle versus replicating defective DNA in S phase.

■ Message