Cas NO.: 46022-05-3

M.F: C8H12O4

M.W.: 172.18

Capacity: 1200KG/M

Usage: Lurasidon intermediates


■ Description

Lurasidon intermediates, intermediates of 367514-87-2/367514-88-3.

Product introduce: (1r, 2r)-(-)-1,2-Cyclohexiexanedicarbarboxylic acid is a key intermediate of lurasidon hydrochloride, which can be prepared by resolution of trans-1,2- cyclohexanedicarboxylic acid. Rurasidone hydrochloride is a new atypical antipsychotic developed by Sumitomo Pharmaceutical Company of Japan. It was first marketed in the United States in 2010, and was approved by FDA for the treatment of adult schizophrenia and as a monotherapy/as an adjuvant therapy of lithium salt or for depressive episodes related to bipolar type I disorder in adult patients.In 2014, it was approved by EMA to be listed in the European Union. It has a high binding force to dopamine D2 receptor and 5- hydroxytryptamine (5-HT1A, 5-HT2A, 5-HT7) and α2C receptor, but has a low binding force to other receptors, and has a remarkable curative effect on both positive and negative symptoms of mental patients.

Product nameCas No.
Cis-5-Norbornene-Exo-2,3-Dicarboxylic Anhydride2746-19-2
(1r,2r)-(-)-1,2-Cyclohexanedicarboxylic Acid46022-05-3
(3aR,4S,7R,7aS) 4,7-Methano-1H-isoindole-1,3(2H)-dione14805-29-9
3-Piperazinyl-1,2-benzisothiazole hydrochloride87691-88-1
(3aR,7aR)-4'-(1,2-Benzisothiazol-3-yl)octahydrospiro[2H-isoindole-2,1'-piperaziniuM] Methanesulfonate186204-37-5

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