Product name:  2-Cyclopropoxyethyl4-methylbenzenesulfonate

Cas NO.:  862728-59-4

M.F:  C12H16O4S

M.W.:  256.32

Capacity:  300KG/M

Usage:  Bexagliflozin intermediate


■ Description

Bexagliflozin Intermediate light yellow liquid, important to make Bexagliflozin
Bexagliflozin Intermediate is a strong and selective SGLT2 inhibitor. Bexagliflozin is used with proper diet and exercise to treat high blood sugar levels caused by type 2 diabetes. It works in the kidneys to prevent the absorption of glucose (blood sugar).  SGLT2 (sodium glucose cotransporter 2) inhibitor is a kind of prescription drug, which can be used in combination with diet and exercise with the approval of FDA to reduce the blood sugar of adult patients with type 2 diabetes. SGLT2 inhibitor drugs include kagliflozin, daggliflozin, and enggliflozin. They can be used as single ingredient products, or combined with other diabetes drugs. SGLT2 inhibitors lower blood sugar by causing the kidneys to remove sugar from the body through urine. The safety and efficacy of SGLT2 inhibitors in patients with type 1 diabetes have not been determined, and FDA has not approved their use in these patients.

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