Product name: 2-Cyclopropoxyethanol

CAS No.: 20117-44-6

MF: C5H10O2

M.W.:  217.22 g/mol

Capacity: 100KG/M 

Usage: Bexagliflozin Intermeidates


■ Description

Description: 2-Cycloproxyethanol belongs to the intermediate of besagliflozin and is used for the synthesis of besagliflozin. Its appearance is a colorless liquid with a total impurity of 1.6%, which meets the standard (less than or equal to 2%). Bexagliflozin is a strong and selective SGLT2 inhibitor. Bexagliflozin Brenzavvy is a drug for diabetes. It helps control blood sugar level by preventing the kidney from reabsorpting glucose. In addition, it can also help weight management and reduce cardiovascular risk, providing a new direction for comprehensive treatment of diabetes patients.

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