Product name: 5-deazaflavin

Cas NO.: 26908-38-3

M.F: C11H7N3O2

M.W.: 213.19

Capacity: 100KG/M

Usage: Health care


■ Description

Definition : Deazaflavin is a pyridine-pyrimidine compound derived from flavin, also known as vitamin B2.It is produced by substituting the aza-hetero group of the nitrogen-containing N element at the 5-position with a deazo group of the carbon-containing C element.

Function: 5-Deazaflavin has a similar function to /NAD+ and is adaptable to a variety of transformations, which can have a wide range of applications in different fields such as longevity medicine and energy production. 5-Deazaflavin also has immune-enhancing properties and may help support a healthy immune system.

■ Message