Factory visist from Metrochem API Private Limited

On 17, June, Metrochem API Private Limited vice president Arun visited our plant in Taian, Shandoong, China. It is near CPHI Shanghai date. Arun planed a business schedule of visit to many suppliers factories. He is a hard working person and very gentleman and professional. We had a great tour.

We picked Metrochem up at high way station and drove half an hour to plant. Plant around traffic is really convenient for customers visit and for products shipment.

Our plant is being updated for better production. All items are suspended. We only checked analysis room, drying room, working plant and equipment. 

After visist, we had a short meeting about cooperation and Lurasidone intermediate cas 65376-05-8. We will send free sample to India for Metrochem test. 

The visit is successfull. We talked well and know more about each other. I believe we will have a bright future. Not only orders of cas 2746-19-2 but will add more other products cooperation.


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